15 Things Women Want In A Relationship

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A timeless and yet totally fitting piece at this moment of my life.

James Michael Sama

It is often discussed how difficult it is to understand women. While many times this may seem to be the case, I don’t think it necessarily has to be. I think we all are hard to understand sometimes – we even have a hard time understanding ourselves. I know I do.

But if we really observe, pay attention, and learn along the way – we can find some consistencies and reach conclusions about what we as men can understand in order to be more in-tuned with the wants and needs of the woman in our life.


She wants to be able to be strong without you being threatened.

There are many strong, confident women in the world who take on leadership roles at work and other areas of their life, but subsequently feel that this intimidates men who immediately shy away from them. If this is part of her natural personality…

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Who we keep

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In life, we let fate decide who we meet. It’s by chance that we got to know some of the people we know now. Two people will have to be at the same place at the same time to have a chance at seeing eye to eye, dancing together, brushing shoulders, or exchanging nicknames and handshakes. When that happens, that’s the only time when we can take chances on them. We try to look into people, into their being, perhaps on the good side and also the bad side. We learn to evaluate, to accept, to embrace, to reject, to scrutinize, to question.

During those circumstances, we then decide what to do with it. We work hard for our relationship with them – to protect, to nourish, to sustain. We can also decide to break trust, encourage success, let down, keep believing, give up, stay behind or fight for them. I think that’s what makes life both amazing and heartbreaking. We have all that power over people. We can reason everything out. We can test logic or feel our gut. We decide on forever, the nth chance, never again, or never ever just with our minds.

In life, we let fate decide who we meet but we decide for ourselves who we keep.

My first ink

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This time two years ago, I got my first tattoo. People asked where it was located. Why I had it written there in the part which was believed by some to be on my inner thighs with this zoomed in photo.


A few asked if it was because of a man. Later on, strangers, acquaintances and friends have asked to see it closely. And when they see the phrase carefully written on my skin, they don’t ask what it means. A French guy I met in Bali even said there’s a similar saying in their language. I wish I had remembered the words exactly.

Just to make things clear, no, I did not get inked because of a man from my recent past. Coincidentally around that period, I learned that my happiness did not depend on being in a relationship. I decided to break my own heart by letting go and letting be. I learned the hard way about what I thought I wanted in a significant other but greater things mattered.

I realize now that Octobers and Novembers of my adult years have become significant months of my life. I don’t know if it has something to do with my birthday and life testing how mature I am. The words of my 24-year old self still reminds me years later that I should never give up on great love but never will I settle for less. I still am and will forever be a hopeless romantic. But I am never without hope.

So maybe I’ll finally get another piece this year. We’ll see.

I moved over to another page!

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For my travel photography stuff, I’m using a different site: http://aylaliberatophotography.wordpress.com. Follow me if you’re interested to see some of my shots and videos.

A time for ourselves

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When we take time for ourselves, we get to remember what keeps us going every single day. You may do some things by your lonesome but you are never lonely because you can take it all in for what it is or go beyond.
Lonesome Traveler

I am one who takes joy in being alone but I am without sorrow when surrounded by people who matter. What I do find comforting is that in being by myself, I bask in the world that surrounds me — the peace in the silence, the chaos in everything that moves while I am on pause, the beauty in the mundane and otherwise left unnoticed. At one point in your life, you may have felt it too. It’s in the rising of your chest with every breath, the howling of the wind through your ears even on calm days, the warm feeling on your skin with every kiss from the sun. You could have never noticed if you did not consciously consider it.


You may have to find time to do things on your own but taking a break for yourself is never selfish. It’s just another way of immersing yourself in a world that you cannot see when you are with somebody else.

Beating the heat and laziness with home-made iced tea

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Summer in the Philippines involves temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius  for about  eight hours daily. When I’m in Manila, it usually means either taking a shower thrice a day, staying in an air-conditioned room, or sipping cold refreshments.

Working at home in this weather is kind of difficult for it entails having to keep myself awake in the vicinity of my bed. To fight the laziness, I normally prepare coffee. But with this heat and the high acidity I get from coffee, I have switched to iced tea (just for this week).

Today’s drink was made with ground tea leaves from Sri Lanka left to steep in less than 200 mL of hot water for 5 minutes.


Using a coffee/tea press, I extracted the dark brown tea into a tall tumbler.


To sweeten, I used maple syrup since no honey was available. I filled it with ice-cold water.


The resulting drink was still a bit warm because of the tea so I added a whole tray of ice cubes.


With a salty snack, I got to enjoy the tea in front of my computer.

Try other caffeine-free flavors. Mint blend is also refreshing.

Repeat preparations as needed.

Alright now, gotta work.

Taking notes

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7:00AM. Fuck. I overslept. I was supposed to be working on a paper! To wake me up, I had to do some social media updating and found inspired by a familiar person to work on a photo blog. So while I was posting an electronic note for myself, I stumbled upon the last thing I wrote which is both interesting and hanging.

2/13/13. I was working on an article for Valentine’s Day, I realized. Perhaps I really didn’t have time to work on it, but I started with something. It could have been something good and I don’t know if I’d still be continuing it.

Love Blog

I found it needs editing. Definitely. Maybe I should work on it. Later. For now,

“Love is almost always the reason you have in your heart to know if it’s worth fighting for.”

7:33 AM. I have to work. Deadlines. Let’s end with that.