A time for ourselves

November 8, 2014 § 2 Comments

When we take time for ourselves, we get to remember what keeps us going every single day. You may do some things by your lonesome but you are never lonely because you can take it all in for what it is or go beyond.
Lonesome Traveler

I am one who takes joy in being alone but I am without sorrow when surrounded by people who matter. What I do find comforting is that in being by myself, I bask in the world that surrounds me — the peace in the silence, the chaos in everything that moves while I am on pause, the beauty in the mundane and otherwise left unnoticed. At one point in your life, you may have felt it too. It’s in the rising of your chest with every breath, the howling of the wind through your ears even on calm days, the warm feeling on your skin with every kiss from the sun. You could have never noticed if you did not consciously consider it.


You may have to find time to do things on your own but taking a break for yourself is never selfish. It’s just another way of immersing yourself in a world that you cannot see when you are with somebody else.

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