Say hello to the Pacific.

October 27, 2011 § 2 Comments

An almost five-hour ride from Manila could bring you to the edge of the Philippines on the east: surf destination Baler, Aurora.

As soon as I stepped on the dirt road from the tricycle, I could see a hundred meters ahead the five-foot waves behind the Aliya Surf Resort reception area.

And what a sight do they have there!

The waves were and still are forcing me to take off my clothes, grab a board and paddle out! Good thing I remembered I wasn’t wearing my bikinis yet.

Baler wave set from Ayla Liberato on Vimeo.

This is what makes me come back to Baler more often as a surfing spot. The waves are less entropic and consequently, friendlier.

I wonder how sore my body will be after this weekend. I haven’t been on a surf board for months. I better get ready to drink gallons of seawater and get hella dark. Should be interesting how I perform at the competition this Sunday. Wish me luck! In case I can’t push myself up, I can always use it as a bodyboard, right?

Chill out.



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