Beating the heat and laziness with home-made iced tea

April 23, 2013 § Leave a comment

Summer in the Philippines involves temperatures of 36 degrees Celsius ¬†for about ¬†eight hours daily. When I’m in Manila, it usually means either taking a shower thrice a day, staying in an air-conditioned room, or sipping cold refreshments.

Working at home in this weather is kind of difficult for it entails having to keep myself awake in the vicinity of my bed. To fight the laziness, I normally prepare coffee. But with this heat and the high acidity I get from coffee, I have switched to iced tea (just for this week).

Today’s drink was made with ground tea leaves from Sri Lanka left to steep in less than 200 mL of hot water for 5 minutes.


Using a coffee/tea press, I extracted the dark brown tea into a tall tumbler.


To sweeten, I used maple syrup since no honey was available. I filled it with ice-cold water.


The resulting drink was still a bit warm because of the tea so I added a whole tray of ice cubes.


With a salty snack, I got to enjoy the tea in front of my computer.

Try other caffeine-free flavors. Mint blend is also refreshing.

Repeat preparations as needed.

Alright now, gotta work.


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