Who we keep

December 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

In life, we let fate decide who we meet. It’s by chance that we got to know some of the people we know now. Two people will have to be at the same place at the same time to have a chance at seeing eye to eye, dancing together, brushing shoulders, or exchanging nicknames and handshakes. When that happens, that’s the only time when we can take chances on them. We try to look into people, into their being, perhaps on the good side and also the bad side. We learn to evaluate, to accept, to embrace, to reject, to scrutinize, to question.

During those circumstances, we then decide what to do with it. We work hard for our relationship with them – to protect, to nourish, to sustain. We can also decide to break trust, encourage success, let down, keep believing, give up, stay behind or fight for them. I think that’s what makes life both amazing and heartbreaking. We have all that power over people. We can reason everything out. We can test logic or feel our gut. We decide on forever, the nth chance, never again, or never ever just with our minds.

In life, we let fate decide who we meet but we decide for ourselves who we keep.


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